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The KATRINA Roller Crimper in the Control of Resistant Weeds

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

The problem of herbicide resistant weeds has increased. Among them are green amaranthus, hairy fleabane, ryegrass, sourgrass, and goosegrass. This resistance happens due to the selection pressure of the same herbicide, used for a long time and repeatedly in the same area. For this reason it is important to seek new solutions and the knife roller (roller crimper) is an alternative to overcome this problem.

The Katrina knife roller lay down, cut and compress the green mulch, stopping the flow of sap. When performed in the flowering phase, its mechanical action has the same efficiency as chemical desiccation, making “rolling” a more advantageous alternative to “desiccation”, significantly reducing the cost and number of herbicide applications. This reduction in chemical applications, added to society's demand for a reduction in the use of pesticides, makes the Katrina knife roller an important ally in the control of resistant weeds, optimizing the virtues of no-till and cover crops.

The mechanical action of the Katrina knife roller improves the plantability conditions of crops by creating a homogeneous layer of straw covering and protecting the soil. It also provides a more rational use of inputs, reducing their quantities, controlling erosion, increasing soil fertility and water infiltration, while helping to control weeds, even resistant ones.

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