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Entering the job market without experience: it's possible!

Entering the job market without experience: it's possible!

On the week of August 18th, we celebrate the Learning Week, a recurrent theme to create a renewal of knowledge and encourage inexperienced young people to enter the labor market. Data show that in Brazil the main factor that impedes the employability of young people is the lack of experience, but how can you be aware if there has never been an opportunity? That's why this topic is increasingly on the agenda and is intended to help the development of those looking for their first job, without ever having worked before.

Data collected by the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) carried out in 2020 in the country, show that 77% of the impediment to getting a first job is lack of experience. With this in mind, entities linked to the sector are encouraging programs and courses that offer the possibility for young people to participate in selections in companies. This is the case of the "YOUNG APPRENTICE" Program, that is a Professional Education courses that prepare young people for their first job, thus providing, hired as apprentices by contributing industries of SENAI (National Service for Industrial Learning), a program that INDUTAR TECNO METAL is part of selecting young talents for the job market.

"It is very important to provide courses like SENAI for young people, this opportunity to grow and transform the present is our hope for a better future." Abel Grave - Mayor of Ibirubá

On August 18, Intern's Day is celebrated, another option for young people who need a little experience in their professional areas to complete their undergraduate course. experience in the market, an example we have “at home” is Mayra Neis Lopes, 23 years old and Human Resources Analyst at Indutar. She joined the company as an intern in 2019, and in January 2020 was hired as an employee. The Human Resources Analyst tells us how it all started: “I was really looking forward to starting and getting to know the company. At the same time apprehensive, as it would be an entirely new area for my career. The first months were of intense learning, knowledge and behavior within a large Mechanical Metal Industry. Afterwards, I was entrusted with more responsibilities and I began to identify with the culture here at INDUTAR, the family way of being, of helping, of making things happen,” she added. Mayra commented on the evolution and trajectory within Indutar: “I started following the HR processes, little by little getting involved in recruitment and selection, which was the first demand I took on: a great challenge. When informed of the hiring, I was very happy and consequently I was entrusted with other various tasks, the monitoring and development of people” she said.

The HR Analyst talks about the experience that changed her life and, when asked about the feeling that occurs to her, she guarantees: “Gratitude for the opportunity I was given, when I had no experience in the area, I learned everything here, which provided a boost in my professional and personal growth. I feel very privileged to have received this incredible opportunity so early in my career.”

“The doors open for those who look for them with real interest”. Mayra Neis Lopes, HR Analyst at Indutar

Cases such as Mayra's are possible indeed, the search for the first job without experience and young requires opportunity and dedication: “It is not an easy task, but it is necessary to start this journey with willingness and commitment to whatever comes, with curiosity and thirst to learn everything that the company offers. Seek new courses, test your skills, seize opportunities. Perfect yourself in what makes you feel good and happy and work will be the result of your search.

In Ibirubá, the professional courses offered by Senai are funded 100% by the government, with more than 60 thousand reais invested in order to develop young people for the job market. The municipal administration maintains the space and, according to Mayor Abel Grave, the intention is to hire more courses depending on the need and demand for workers by the industry.

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