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"It came to contemplate a greater production"

Atualizado: 2 de set. de 2021

MAGNA HIGHER Corn Head is a reference in harvesting.

Edson (Farm operator)

Spectacular performance. That was the definition of Mr. Edson, harvester operator at the headquarters of Ipês Farm in Campos Novos, state of Santa Catarina. We followed an afternoon of harvesting with Indutar's MAGNA Corn Head in a total area of ​​2,500 hectares, of which almost 500 are destined for the production of the crop. The owner of the Farm, Lucas Chiocca commented on the predominance of agriculture in the Santa Catarina region and how Magna's performance in harvesting had a differential:

“Here we always seek to optimize time and increase profitability, and we have seen that with Magna, more corn and less straw were collected, this is proofed” added Chiocca.

The expression “Open-air company” is the most common expression among farmers, this denotes the importance of working according to forecasts and weather changes from the planting phase to the final process, harvesting. An agile, practical and robust product are differentials in a choice to achieve the expected results.

“The system of handles that only collects the cob into the machine, reduced the entire mass, as it collected a lot of corn stalks on the other platform that was here at the Farm” guarantees operator Edson.
Lucas Chiocca (Farm owner)

Regarding the work of the corn head in relation to the yield per hectare/day, the percentage is above 15% to 20% in a corn considered good. The technical data of the harvest are the reflex for the producer to mirror himself and aim to increase the profitability of the crop. The Magna Higher Corn Head, as proven in the field, has a 15% reduction in fuel and is one of the lightest platforms on the market, with the producer saying:

“it came with superior technology, we harvested an area of ​​bedded corn, a challenge and she is a digger, she collects what really matters, the cob” he concluded.
plataforma de milho magna higher indutar
Indutar Magna Higher Corn Head

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