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The logistics of the corn crop on the Jungert family's rural property, in the interior of the State of Paraná, was supported by Indutar's Grain Cart APPOIO 16000. Father Ernst Michael Jungert and son Alex Jungert, 22, are producers looking for technology and high yields in the field. On the property, around 30% of the area is dedicated to planting corn and the agility of the equipment made the choice assertive, as Alex comments:

“We are satisfied with the equipment, it is easy to handle and provided an agility that we did not have before”.

More and more people talk about rural succession and how it impacts the future of young people, generating income and keeping agribusiness one of the strongest pillars of the world economy. Today, on the Jungerts' property, Alex, who actively participates in decision-making along with his father Ernst, is Alex, who started participating as a teenager, taking a liking to the business:

"I work with my father or with his permission, of course, he has more vision than I do, so it's important that he knows everything and that he also lets me take the reins sometimes."

The APPOIO 16000 Grain Cart was chosen because the implement is robust, agile, with a larger discharge tube (400 mm), greater capacity and quick discharge (3’25”). Transporting the harvest is essential so that the work does not stop:

“The farmer runs against time, he needs to do it at the right time so as not to miss the harvest, a Grain Cart that provides this makes all the difference”.

In addition to these differentials of the APPOIO Grain Cart Line, the farmer comments on the quality of the technology applied in the manufacturing process and guarantees:

“We made a great choice, and I'm taking the lead in many situations now, I'm always looking for technology and looking for trends in the agro market and Indutar is a brand that is following success and giving security to our customers,” concluded Alex.

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