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Roller Crimper - KATRINA

A unique roller crimper (or knife roller) with a exclusive hydraulic folding system, leveling, and double articulation in all sections. Such characteristics allow it to “float” and moving with the grade of the terrain, better contact the soil in various field conditions, making its operation easy and agile, either in the work mode or in the transport mode.


Katrina is an evolved knife roller crimper, with a unique hydraulic folding system, which allows it to be easily drive by roads, bridges, gates, as well as moving and parking in the machinery park. Easy to operate, has a low operating cost, and requires only one operator.


Indutar Katrina knife roller crimper provides a homogeneous mulch from cover crops, which increases the level of soil protection against the impact of heavy rains and losses of organic matter, act on the integrated erosion and weeds control, in addition to improving infiltration, retention of moisture, and preserving nutrients in the soil. The accumulation of these benefits enhances the virtues of no-till farming system, generating a more homogeneous crop installation.


Through the use of the Indutar Katrina knife roller crimper, there is a significant decrease in use and dependence on herbicides, controlling crop contamination and resistant weeds in a sustainable way, keeping the land productive for much longer, in addition to the increase in yields.


Also available with fluted and land rolls.

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Transport Mode

Work Mode

KATRINA roller crimper on corn stubble

KATRINA roller crimper on Oat cover crop

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