Knife Roller KATRINA

A unique machine in the Brazilian market, with hydraulic drive system, leveling and double-jointed in all sections.


Such features allow better following of the soil in rough terrains, making it easy and fast to its operation, whether in work mode or transport mode.


KATRINA is the only self transportable machine of the category, that allows travel on roads, bridges, gates, and easy movement and parking in machinery sheds.


The knife roll KATRINA performs homogeneous layering of vegetation, increasing the durability of organic matter, protecting soil in excess of rain, the control of weed invaders, moisture retention and preservation of nutrients.


In addition to these benefits, there is also the uniform germination of the resulting plant tillage.

By using the knife roll KATRINA, there is a significant decrease in the use of non-selective systemic herbicide, controlling in a sustainable way the crop contamination and maintaining productive land for much longer, besides the consequent increase in production results.

  • Hydraulic system; Makes working and transportation easier;

  • Blunt blades (5 mm steel); Crushes the organic material, preventing the passage of the sap;

  • Articulated hitch - increases the life of the equipment and is more resistant to torsion;

  • Tires 40.0/60 - 15.5: Provides safety and stability in the operations;

  • Productivity - 10 HECTARES/HOUR;

  • Recommended working speed: 12 Km/h;

  • Not recommended to work in terrains with rocks. It will damage the blades;






Transport Mode
Work Mode




( A ) Transport Mode (width)

3335 mm

2430 mm

( B ) Overall Length

7315 mm

6405 mm

( C ) Width of Rolls

3000 mm

2095 mm

( D ) Overall Width

9050 mm

6615 mm

( E ) Largura de Rolagem

8715 mm

6280 mm

Diameter of Rolls

600 mm

600 mm

Diameter of Rolls with Knives

860 mm

860 mm

Blades per Roll

36 uni

36 uni

Net Weight

5700 Kg

4500 Kg

Power Required

140 hp

125 hp

Rolo faca KATRINA na resteva de milho
Rolo faca KATRINA na aveia branca

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