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TOP 10 important points that guarantee a Living Soil

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

  1. Erosion Control - Erosion removes and wears down the soil, it is the process that most harms our main asset. It is not enough to reduce the damage, it is necessary to reverse it through conservation practices such as direct planting, rolling over the covers, among others”.

  2. No-till - "the soil has management in its memory, preserve it!" The correct management requires a good coverage that guarantees its conservation and structure.

  3. Water – “It is the fundamental input in agriculture” Only those who take care of water and land thrive!

  4. Corn - the greates green manure as it produces a lot of slowly decomposing biomass for the soil

  5. Magna Corn Head – Distributes the straw evenly, improving coverage and facilitating the next planting.

  6. Katrina Roller - It is the best-selling Roller Crimper in the world and every rural property should have a KATRINA, as rolling increases soil protection” Afonso Peche (PHd. in Soil).

  7. Productivity – Success stories and high productivity are associated with good conservation. Producing results is taking care of the soil, which is the greatest asset in agriculture, in the first place. Who cares, yields more!

  8. Cover plants – Keeping the soil covered mainly with grasses and legumes is a differential, being managed correctly and efficiently, with variations in the region and climate that apply.

  9. Soil Management – ​​Balancing the system, Increasing genetic potential, Mixing crops, producing biomass and Assuring long-term production.

  10. Right timing - Applying the correct processes at the ideal time:

"Do it neatly, at the right time and well done!" Dirceu Gassen / Researcher and Professor
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