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The road is my home

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

It is no longer surprising that women are occupying spaces previously destined and pre-established for men, we have examples right here within the INDUTAR factory of various functions performed with excellence by women. The growing search for women in the labor market and its valorization has been gaining the attention of all sectors of society, reducing prejudice and it is becoming common to see women driving a truck and traveling around Brazil.

Rapunzel on the road, Neila Maria da Silva Cavalheiro, 40, has been riding Penelope's ride for two years, an affectionate nickname she gave to her road partner. She tells us that the dream of being a driver and living free has always been with her, a native of Lajes / SC, she saw in her father, also a truck driver, an example of life.

When everything started:

Rapunzel started working at a gas station as a cashier, became a gas station attendant to be closer to the trucks, until fate took charge of everything and two years ago a project appeared at the transport company Brambila, the idea was to recruit women to be drivers and run this country. She did not think twice and went to participate in the selection. After that first moment, she began the challenge of hitting the road alone. Rapunzel vents:

“On the first trip, I was crying with fear, but with the experience it was gone, he (the fear) cannot be part of it”.

Truck driver life:

During a business trip this past week, Rapunzel made a delivery to INDUTAR and we didn't miss the opportunity to talk to her and understand what it's like to live alone on the road and if she feels valued in her chosen profession:

“It's very difficult, as the biggest prejudice comes from fellow drivers, it's not always, but there is”, she concludes.

Proud, she has traveled over 200,000 km across Brazil and has never been involved in any accident. When asked what the road means, it triggers:

"it's my home!"

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