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KATRINA Roller Crimper on Crop Rotations, Pastures and Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems.

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

In autumn, the planting of winter pastures begins in no-tillage and integrated crop-livestock systems (ICLS). This type of system, very traditional especially in southern Brazil, is increasingly valued by rural producers, not only for financial and productive gain, but also for the advantages of crop rotation, greater nutrient cycling and maintenance of soil moisture.

The KATRINA Roller Crimper / Knife Roller helps to improve the implantation of winter pastures, primarily by facilitating the cutting of straw by the seeder, and by providing conditions for greater production and an earlier first cut. This is due to the mechanical effect of weed control, the greater incidence of sunlight on newly germinated seedlings, and the rolled vegetation mulch that protects the soil against the erosive effects of rain and direct solar radiation, benefiting infiltration and maintenance of water in the soil. When the sowing of winter pastures is carried out in the no-till system, the KATRINA Roller Crimper / Knife Roller can be used after sowing, with the function of covering and increasing the seed-soil contact, helping in the emergence and formation of more uniform pastures.

The good management of vegetation cover carried out by the KATRINA Roller Crimper / Knife Roller combats the negative effect of the cattle foot-print compaction on the soil in pasture areas, creating a protective mattress that prevents soil compaction. The ICLS system added to crop rotations, in addition to being highly profitable, increasing the income sources of the rural property, serves as a catalyst for nutrient cycling, stimulating greater production of biomass and organic matter, life in the soil and greater biological activity. The KATRINA Roller Crimper / Knife Roller acts to protect this system, increasing the productive capacity of the soil, enhancing the effects of technologies used in crops and chemical, physical and biological fertility.

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