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Indutar receives a green seal for good environmental practices

Atualizado: 31 de ago. de 2021

In the week of May 20, 2021, INDUTAR TECNO METAL received the Certificate of Environmental Distinction – Green Seal. This Seal represents organizations that demonstrate their commitment to adopting sustainability strategies and caring for the environment. The practice is, nowadays, of great importance, due to the environmental impacts produced by man on nature and the global risks due to the most diverse practices of pollution to the Environment. The pressure that man puts on nature and its impacts become alerts to consumers who are increasingly informed by the media and are receiving daily information on relevant topics about conservation or actions that may degrade the Environment.

The Certificate of Environmental Distinction – Green Seal represents for organizations the conquest of the trust of their customers, employees, society and those who live in areas of direct influence, as such certification demonstrates the company's commitment to the Environment, from a perspective of Sustainable development in the market.

Thus, improving relations with consumers, who are becoming more demanding every day due to the levels of information, both with regard to their rights, as well as issues related to the Environment. Organizations in the present and in the very near future need to adopt Sustainability strategies and the manufacture of products causing the least environmental impact, that is, companies with a positive environmental ideology are currently sought, reflecting an innovative and efficient management.

For these reasons, we obtained this certificate at the National level, acquired through research carried out by the Sustainability Committee, where consultations were carried out by environmental agencies at the Federal, State and Municipal levels such as State Secretariats for the Environment at the national level, Ministry of Environment, IBAMA, CONAMA, City Halls and other institutions linked to the sector, published by Jornal do Meio Ambiente of the State of São Paulo.

The objective is to check the adequacy of the required evaluation criteria, as well as to encourage the improvement of technologies aimed at development allied to environmental preservation.

For Indutar's Process Manager Alex Oliveira, the practices adopted by the company reinforce this recognition.

"Here we work with structured processes with an eye on the future, with our feet in the present and with an awareness of the Environment", he added.
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