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Indutar donates oxygen cylinders to the Annes Dias hospital in Ibirubá

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

This Thursday (March, 18), INDUTAR TECNO METAL donated five oxygen cylinders to the Annes Dias Community Hospital. The intention is to help combat Coronavirus, making it possible to treat hospitalized patients at moderate and severe stages of the disease and also reduce the burden on the health system in Ibirubá.

Indutar's Associated Owner, Maria Magali Stadtlober was delivering the cylinders:

“Our intention as a Company is to contribute and help raise awareness of the complex times we are living in today, we sincerely hope that patients benefit from the use of oxygen and can return to their healthy homes,” added Magali.

The donation initiative started through a conversation with cardiologist Jeferson Wollmeister, who is on the front line in combating the virus and commented on the need to acquire oxygen cylinders to save patients hospitalized with the disease.

For the Hospital Administrator, Odair José Funk, the donation from Indutar is very important, as it allows us to have a number of cylinders for the next few days.

“We are very grateful for your contribution in this difficult time we are living. It's a big help,” he concluded.

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