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Indutar advances in Paraguay with its original product line

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

INDUTAR advances in Paraguay with its original product line: KATRINA Knife Roller, APPOIO Grain Carts and more recently with the MAGNA Corn Head. The agricultural sector in Paraguay grows along with the Brazilian, largely due to the action of Brazilians who have settled in the country, especially in the regions closer to the border with Brazil, east of the Paraguay River, where soil and rain conditions are quite favorable to agriculture. As a result, today Paraguay is the 6th largest producer of soybeans in the world and 4th largest exporter, losing only in exports to Brazil, USA and Argentina, countries with dimensions much larger than our Guarani neighbor. In addition to soybeans, corn, rice and sugarcane crops are also of great importance. Agricultural techniques such as no-till and the use of technology are widely used in this region, however there is still great potential to be explored in the western region of the Paraguay River, better known as the Paraguayan Chaco.

The Paraguayan Chaco is a less developed region, but one that has been gaining attention by the government, which has been investing in infrastructure, such as the Transchaco and Bioceanic Routes. The region has a greater tradition in Livestock, where good quality meat is produced. Despite having very fertile soils and ideal for agriculture, the region suffers from lack of rain, which is the biggest challenge for farmers, but the infrastructure under construction brings good business opportunities.

In 2021 INDUTAR plans a more active action in Paraguay, from the border with Brazil to the Chaco region. Paraguay is a country of contrasts, between an already established agricultural market and one in full development and opportunities.

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