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Indutar advances in manufacturing with investment in Industry 4.0

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

Industry 4.0 is a concept that represents industrial automation through machines connected to each other in real time. The main objective of Industry 4.0 is the greater productivity and efficiency of industrial activities with the connectivity between the machines having greater efficiency in the processes. This means a greater delivery of material production in a constant time, optimizing work and gaining in productivity.

INDUTAR TECNO METAL is constantly seeking the improvement and modernization of the industrial park, that's why in the machining sector the investment in two robotic turning cells must generate higher quality in production and constant work, each cell has two lathes that work through programmed systems. Data point to an expectation of a gradual increase of 30% with the automation of manufacturing processes. Another point that is worth mentioning is that the cells must continue working at times that are between factory breaks, this optimizes time so that production does not stop. The technology present in this machining center allows the programming and development of various automation systems. Among the investment objectives is to reduce the operator's physical effort in loading and handling parts. In addition, it also aims to encourage and train the qualification of the operator, who will have to invest in professional knowledge and understanding of the programs operated.


Managing information and connecting it between systems is the cornerstone of Industry 4.0. The digitalization of the factory and the “learning” of the machines benefits the entire sector by adapting the workforce and, consequently, the entire production line to the final product.

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