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Father and daughters are examples of rural succession

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

In these last few weeks the intense rhythm of corn harvest took us until the northwest gaucho to follow another story that carries the name of INDUTAR. Far about 5 km from the city, in Cambará line location, Edson Brandenburg, rural producer harvest the crop with the carrier support of the Grain Cart Appoio 33,000 liters for greater agility in the advance of the harvesting.

With a total area of ​​1400 hectares of crop, 503 hectares are dedicated especially for the corn crop and the succession of property has always been a concern for Edson, father of three women: Nathalia of 18, Manuela of 16 and Marcella of 7 years old, who will give family business continuity? Well forwarded, the two older ones grew among and therefore developed the will to assist on the property. Nathalia takes care of the most bureaucratic part of the farm in the family office. Manuela, the middle daughter, since the age of 14 helps the father of the plantation to the final harvest. It was with her that we talked about waking up early, driving machinery for hours on end and at the end of the day to have the sense of duty fulfilled. Asked about his chores, she ensures that she likes it very much and even in a predominant male scenario, does not lose courage and femininity.

"I feel very fulfilled here by helping in the activities with my father, in the future I intend to attend agronomy, to have the most technical knowledge, because the practice already has".

Manuela began at age 14, for encouragement and assistance of the father, today she dominates the technology made available to the world of agribusiness.

Mr Edson looking at and always seeking new investments, acquired the Grain Cart Appoio from Indutar at the end of last year, according to him the benefits that led to this choice were many, among them the robustness of the product, the speed of discharge and the less broking grains. On the day we had accompanying the harvest and the discharge of the corn, the agility was confirmed by his testimony:

"It's a very good product, this is proven in those intense days of work here in the area, the Appoio 33000 gave us the fundamental support for the agile harvesting," Complete.

Capacity, transport and transhipment of grains are differentials of the Appoio 33000, the discharge auger balances the largest flow and reduces friction in the product.

For the Father and Rural Producer Edson Brandenburg, it is a pride to see the daughters involved in agricultural activity, seeking knowledge and improvements to increase productivity in the sector.

"Count on a product like this of indutar, give us more security and the certainty that agriculture does not stop growing" ends.
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