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Concepts about Combine Harvester Corn Heads.

Atualizado: 26 de ago. de 2021

The importance of corn crop.

Corn is one of the main agricultural crops in the world, grown on all continents and in different production systems with low and high technology levels. It is a very efficient plant in converting of water, nutrients and CO2 into grains and biomass. It has a plant architecture formed by a single erect stalk, narrow leaves, and generally a single ear fixed to the stalk, where its grains are found. These characteristics require a special system of mechanical grain harvesting and straw processing.

What makes a good corn head?

Corn Heads are designed to harvest by planting rows. Coupled to the harvesters, they consist of chassis with axle, transmission and transverse helicoid, where the sets of rows, divider cones and the mechanical units of harvesting rows are mounted, consisting of gearbox, harvester chains, rollers, knives, scrapers and deck plates. During the harvesting process, the corn stalk enters the harvest unit, is driven through the chains, collected, processed and cut by rollers knives, finally the ears are detached from the stalk and evenly driven to the combine feeder by the transverse auger of the head. The best corn harvesting header are those capable of processing the straw well and carrying the ears with little residue into the harvester, being fast, capable of collecting down crops, efficient, causing less loss, having high harvesting capacity and economical in the fuel consumption requirement.

INDUTAR's Magna corn harvesting platform has the characteristics requested by producers to be a de-earing platform capable of making a clean, fast and economical harvest, processing the straw well and leaving a good protective covering over the soil. Mounted on a structural steel chassis capable of withstanding intense workloads, it is light and capable of mounting a larger number of row units. Among the most important differentials are the ability to harvest close to the ground, rollers with opposing knives, and the exclusive transmission box in light and efficient aluminum.

Does the harvesting platform interfere with crop yields?

Analyzing from the agronomic side and the yield achievements through techniques such as no-till, special value and attention should be given to the straw finishing after harvesting. The set of rollers plays a very important role in this regard, as they are responsible for pulling and processing the straw, influencing, in addition the fuel consumption, the amount of waste inside the harvester and the quality of the straw on the ground. The concept of the rollers with opposing blade of the INDUTAR Magna Corn Head that pulls the straw with improved performance, collect the corn stalks and leaves in order to process the material to facilitate decomposition and nutrients cycling for the next crop. Also, the harvesting close to the ground guarantees a better finishing of the straw for no-till system, in addition to better collecting down plants and reducing ear losses, ensuring productivity gains.

What precautions do we need to take when purchasing a corn head?

Corn Headers are complex equipment, they have many moving parts, gears, chains and shafts, so when choosing which corn header to buy, it is also important to understand how friendly the platform is for maintenance, replacement of parts and adjustments. With that in mind, Magna has sectioned shafts, independent clutches on each line, interchangeable knives on the rollers, wear plates and steel tips on the crop dividers. To prevent the entry of weeds and vines, the presence of roller scrapers is important, improving the header performance and reducing maintenance. An important adjustment for a good harvesting process is to set for the speed of the harvester chains be compatible with the speed of advance of the combine.

For more information on corn harvesting platforms, contact INDUTAR or visit the Magna Higher Corn Header page.

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