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Corn Header - MAGNA

INDUTAR, known for the quality of its product line, has developed a fast, light and robust corn head for combine harvester, a new concept with the potential to revolutionize the corn harvest. More corn with less stover, a reduction of up to 40% in the volume of straw in the combine, which reduces equipment damage, cuts maintenance costs and increasing its lifespan.


​Assembled on a structural steel chassis, the lightest on the market, the MAGNA corn head allows a larger number of rows units, offering fuel savings of up to 15%. Its easy coupling system, compatible with several combines without changing the base structure of the corn head.

​Several characteristics of the MAGNA corn head contribute to its greater durability and economy. The exclusive gearbox has an aluminum housing and helical gear, which soften the noise and act for a best operating efficiency. The collector rolls with opposite knives, which are supported at the ends, pull the stalk and crush the corn straw, taking only the ear into the harvester.


The transmission with row-by-row clutch and sectioned axles, added to the wear plates and steel nozzles, provide an easy and quick maintenance for the corn head.

​With an angle of attack of 14 degrees, we can work with MAGNA corn head close to the ground, helping harvest with significant productivity gains. Its cutting and retracting system ensures an even distribution of the corn stover after harvest, guaranteeing better protection of the soil against erosion, better availability of nutrients and an easier planting, including in areas of integrated crop-livestock and inter cropping.


​With different spacing options and up to 26 lines, the MAGNA corn head features technology and durability, optimizing the performance that your combine has to offer.

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Number of rows by chassis and row spacing
* Different row spacing by demand
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